Interpack 2017

Interpack 2017

Tecno Pack SpA - General System Pack - IFP Packaging at Interpack 2017

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The three Enterprises from Schio will be present at the 2017 edition of Interpack in one single exhibition space. We invite the public to come and experience first-hand the examples of technological integration applied to the automation needs of user packaging companies. So many innovations and new ideas!

Tecno Pack will present a fully automatic line capable of packaging, with primary flow pack and secondary robotised packaging, up to 72,000 biscuits / hour! Visitors are sure to appreciate the cutting edge technology applied to industrial packaging.
The new horizontal flow pack FP100 machine, the result of decades of technological advancements made day after day by Tecno Pack SpA, is integrated in this plant. The experience developed while serving the major players on the world market have enabled the company from Vicenza to offer the most highly evolved range of horizontal flock pack machines to satisfy even the most demanding users.

As a result, this company offers the market a fully-electronic machine, with a highly sanitizable cantilever structure, motorised film unwinding calender, longitudinal sealing unit with two independent motor units, both long dwell (with innovative quick change system) and high speed box motion transversal sealing units.

The box motion version is, at present, the fastest square motion, long seal type system on the world scene; it manages to combine the typical operating speeds of the “D” movement or long dwell crimper units with the versatility of the box motion sealing heads.
Absolute precision during the work cycle, highly sanitizable and ergonomic structure, design and solutions devised to provide mechanical and electronic stability, high speed with long sealing time, controlled atmosphere (m.a.p.), micrometric liquid dosing (alcohol, anti-mould), integration of advanced printing systems, upstream and downstream communication with any integrated system, user-friendly, intuitive large touch screen, reliability and long-life. All these features make this new packaging machine FP100, designed to be integrated in automatic lines, the best high end alternative for food companies that demand standards of excellence in quality and performance.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to see a vertical pillow pack packaging system based on the FV210 model in action. This packaging machine is fully constructed in stainless steel with an innovative cantilever structure, entirely driven by brushless motors and capable of producing packs with 4 side seals and double gusset.

IFP Packaging will reveal its automatic shrink wrapping machine TWIN T 75 N 90 to be integrated into the vertical system FV210. Its task is to automatically bundle the vertical bags and wrap them in heat-shrink film to obtain the so-called secondary packaging.
An automatic line for high speed packaging of AFH industrial paper rolls in heat shrink film based on the electronic continuous horizontal packaging machine model DIAMOND BOX MOTION (IMMAGINI 03_IFP) is sure to make visitors appreciate the hi-tech solutions dedicated the industrial tissue sector.

General System Pack offers the public three electronic horizontal flow pack machines, including the GSP55EVO INOX L.D. This machine has been specifically designed for packaging small and medium-sized cheese blocks in modified atmosphere, and is ready for installation and to work in hostile environments. The GSP65EVO is dedicated to packaging food products on controlled atmosphere trays followed by heat shrinking to obtain an excellent appearance and shelf life. The last item in the presentation is the versatile, fast GSP50EVO, an electronic horizontal flow pack machine of great potential and with an excellent cost-quality-performance ratio; the optimal solution for medium-sized and artisanal businesses, for example, in the bread-making industry.

Visitors to INTERPACK 2017 will receive targeted, dedicated, high level solutions to all their packaging issues, no matter what the application sector, from this three-company team.

The group led by Tecno Pack SpA is a global leader in the construction of machinery and plants for the packaging industry that are “made to measure” for those companies that entrust their success to this excellent Italian team.